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Simplify life by combining blogs.

A simple life has a different meaning and a different value for every person. For me, it means eliminating all but the essential, eschewing chaos for peace, and spending your time doing what’s important to you. ~ Leo Babauta

To the few readers who visit this site, I ask that you track me down at Writing My Life a new title for my primary blog that I’ve maintained for nearly 2 years.

I think you know I LOVE to write, and I write a lot, BUT I am NOT accomplishing the goal I’ve set: to write and publish a book by me.

I LOVE blogging, but it’s sort of getting in the way of that book goal of mine. You see I also host a THIRD blog: Link2Literacy. I created it as part of my day job working as the secondary literacy specialist for a school district. Something HAS to go, and so I chose to say adiós to The Write Groove as it receives very little attention AND the hits it does receive usually come from a spam source that promotes male enhancement products.

By combining blogs, retitling the resulting product, and broadening the focus, I think I can find more time for my writing goals that include blogging.

With that said, this is the last time I will post here, but I will keep this site enabled until the 5 or so consistent readers find me at my new place. In the meantime …


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2 responses to “Simplify life by combining blogs.

  1. I think you have a good idea about streamlining so you can work on that book!

  2. Good luck on completing that book! Hopefully you’ve made lots of headway since this post. It’s interesting to see how many people out there have dreams of being published one day – I, too, am working on a book that I’ve been “working” on for years and years. Work and blogging just have a way of getting in the way. Good idea to start focusing on your goals instead of spreading yourself too thin!

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