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“… about to take that trip again …”

I know what it’s like to write a hard book. Just remember–every book gets to a really hard part … .  Anne Dee and I are both in hard parts of our novels. So–keep in mind that every novel can get really, really crummy.

~ Carol Lynch Williams

I KNOW that I listed several reasons to abandon the novel I started, and some of those reasons were dang good, but then I commented on CLW’s “Danger! Danger!” post. The next thing I know she’s giving me good advice about writing “hard” books, and one line zaps me like a freakin’ cattle prod:

“This is the reason so many people have so many starts and so few finished books. Just a heads up … .”

So, for better or worse, I’m continuing on with this HARD write because IT’S MORE IMPORTANT THAT I FINISH IT THAN IF IT’S GOOD!

Does that make sense? I’m thinking it does, because if I don’t finish THIS one, I’m afraid I won’t finish any at all.

I’ve also decided to follow a plan – NOT an outline, but a P.L.A.N. to help work through the “hard”. Here are just a few steps:

  1. Write a synopsis of my WIP – a better one than the one I created at WIFYR. (You see, I misunderstood that assignment and wrote a “blurb” that a prospective author might write for an agent. DuH!)
  2. I already carry around a notebook where I record lots of random things, but now I’m going to dedicate a section to ideas I may discover while living my life that might just work in my “once and future novel.”
  3. Write biographies for my main characters and include the all-important “character arch.”
  4. Learn to write to a timetable – to write SOMETHING everyday – whether it is H.A.R.D. or not.
  5. Whistle, sing, or hum while I work; and this is one of the songs that I’ll whistle, sing, or hum:

Here I go again, I hear those trumpets blow again.

All aglow again , takin’ a chance on [you].

Here I slide again, about to take that ride again.

[Bleary-eyed] again, takin’ a chance on [you].

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7 responses to ““… about to take that trip again …”

  1. Good for you! And good luck!

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  3. I wrote about something similar that happened to me this week. I did find a solution and kept going. But, there are a few dusty, hard copies of novels started and shelved along with an old floppy disk I couldn’t bear to throw out. Maybe there’s hope for them yet.

    • rbs ⋅

      Hi Catherine. What I’m doing seems very mechanical, but I think it might help in the long run. Sort of provides me with a road map through the maze. Ann Dee Condie, a YA author has published 2 books, and she said the main characters were so strong in her mind that they sort of wrote the books for her. But her 3rd book is NOT working out that way.

      I think it’d be so nice to have a MC who wanted to write the story!

      Thanks again for your comments. (Can you retrieve info off floppies? YIKES!)

  4. Yes I can. When I had my computer built in 2005, I had them put in a floppy disk drive for me. I have almost all my work transferred to CD’s, but I just can’t seem to toss out the floppies. And I used to think they were fast– oh, my, are they slow and you can hear the “rrrrr,rrrr, rrr,” as it searches for information.

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